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Concrete Worktops

Concrete is increasingly being used in interiors and projects. The raw material has a tough industrial look and is therefore a real eye-catcher. Especially designed for the kitchens, we partner with a specialist manufacturer who developed an exclusive range of material BalsaBeton. The traditional processing each sheet has a unique structure and appearance.

The concrete techniques Balsa Beton, are lightweight, maintenance-free and extremely robust. These concrete techniques can be applied in every possible way, such as in countertops, fireplace plateaus or sinks.

The finish is top quality and is performed by real professionals with precision and passion. Its light weight sheets can be easily mounted on an existing kitchen design.

The special coating protects the surface and enhances the robust nature of the concrete. BalsaBeton has few restrictions which we produce exceptionally large worksheets without difficulty, for example 7 meters in one piece! Custom made countertops in any form are our specialty.

BalsaBeton consists of a special composition. It is a hard, rugged type of concrete that is made in the traditional way. BalsaBeton has a great freedom and is lightweight. As a result, the concrete can be produced in any desired shape. BalsaBeton is an exclusive quality product that fits well with the needs of customers.

Key Features

  • Up to 80% lighter than traditional concrete and therefore easy to apply
  • Maintenance free, no wax or oil needed to maintain the blade
  • Heat proof
  • Spot free with a unique coating
  • Not Tear
  • BalsaBeton can be customized color
  • Great freedom in design and to pour in any form
  • Will last a lifetime

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